Our Story

Welcome to a truly exquisite experience

Stacey's Tea is a luxury boutique tea company based in Toronto, Canada. Our philosophy is that the tea experience should be an adventure of flavours, but also one of only the finest ingredients. We continue to expand based on rare and unique tea blends, while supplying the comforting flavours our consumers are used to. Life is too short to be drinking low quality teas, Stacey's Tea is on verge of bringing a luxury twist to a beverage that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. 


Taste the difference of only the best ingredients

From French Lavender petals to 24K gold, we provide a completely new adventure and pallet to the tea lover. By having traditional flavours, mixed with new add-ons, our consumers keep coming back as they love the options to truly make the experience their own. We love feedback, opinions and our community, so please continue to contribute to this experience through social media.